Posted by: techsavygal | January 10, 2007

Some more Useful links on WWF!!!

Hi All,

 Continuing with my series on “Useful links on Windows Workflow Foundations”,  this post targets to provide more information to beginners as well intermediate level of Workflow Developers:

1. MSDN contains loads of information on Microsoft Bloggers, Forums, Articles, Code Samples and more on Windows Workflow Foundations, at :

2. Microsoft® Windows® Software Development Kit for Windows Vista™ and .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Components available for Download at :

3. Hmm..nowadays we have many OFFICIAL Blogs from Microsoft..check the latest one on MOSS here:

4. A New book on Windows Workflow Foundations is out in Market from Packt Publishers and this book is written by  K.Scott Allen. Check this out at :

5. MSDN is going great guns, they have published more code samples on Integrating applications using WWF at :

6. There are some very interesting webcasts on WWF…One which caught my attention recently was “Creating SharePoint Workflows using Visual Studio 2005” …check this out at

7. Matt Milner (fellow MVP) has published a nice article on “Building Custom Activities To Extend reach of WWF ” at Microsoft Magazine this month. Check this out at:

8. Ian Morrish has come up with a repository of articles , code samples on WWF at his website :

9. MOSS Hands on Labs, Tips n Tricks and more at

Well, thats all for now folks…keep watching for more..


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