Posted by: techsavygal | January 10, 2007

XpertBuild Doc for generating hassle free Documentation for your applications!!!

I am not sure if many are aware of this excellent tool to create documentations in a giffy…Ofcourse, i know about NDOC..but unfortunately NDOC is currently only compatible with Visual 2003 (there is a beta version of NDOC, named aptly as NDOC2005 for Visual Studio 2005) However, after installing NDOC2005, i encountered some strange errors ….i suggest you wait for either next beta or final version of NDOC2005!

Coming back to XpertBuildDoc, this tool is the coolest one , i have ever seen…

You can download this tool from

This tool requires the following pre-requisites:

– Microsoft Sandcastle (
– HTML Help Workshop – htmlhelp.exe (

 Once all the pre-requisites are installed, install XpertBuildDoc.

Under Tools in VS2005 IDE, check a new category named XpertBuildDoc.

Once your project has compiled successfully, you just need to click the above option from tools and select the project (incase you have many under your solution) to generate documentation in <projectname>.chm file under the folder named doc in your application path.

Simple, isn’t it?


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