Posted by: techsavygal | June 4, 2007

BizTalk Server 2006 R2 …

Hi All,

 We have been attending BTS 2006 R2 webcasts for the last few weeks and going through what we have been watching, R2 is definitely the next big thing in BizTalk Server World. Unfortunately, most of them are NDA and hence i wont be able to share the information with you all. However, you can get more (public) information on BizTalk Server 2006 R2 adapters from the following links:

This version of BizTalk Server differs from its predecessor as below:

* provides inbuilt support for RFID

* WCF based adapters for SAP, Siebel and Oracle database. These adapters are all using WCF LOB Adapter SDK, a generalized framework for creating Line of Business Adapters.

* Pipeline Designer has been improved in this version of biztalk to create receive/send pipelines. 

* new set of BAM APIs are available in this version to improve developer as well business user experience.

* inbuilt support and advanced features are supported for EDI data transfers in this version of BTS 2006.

WCF Adapter :- Aaron from Pluralsight has published a fantastic article on WCF Messaging and this article gives an insight to understand the WCF adapter in BTS 2006 R2 :

RFID Adapter:

You can also follow up on BizTalk RFID from RFID Journal Live 

Keep watching this space for more on R2…:)


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