Posted by: techsavygal | June 25, 2007

BizTalk Services Explained here!

Hi All,

In April this year, Microsoft Connected Systems team had released first CTP of “BizTalk Services”.  BizTalk Services are similar to webservices which can be hosted on any technology in the Connected Systems Framework (.Net Framework 3.0, SharePoint Portal Server, Windows Communication Foundations, Windows Workflow Foundations, etc.). Curiously, this release of BizTalk Services in real has very little to do with Microsoft BizTalk Server Technology and is a generic term to state the interconnectivity between applications across organizations and geographical locations.

Now, we get to the question as what these services are and how are they used??BizTalk Services are internet based webservices, which can be used to connect to our existing applications such as SharePoint Portal Site, ASP.Net website or any other application which needs to connect to a similar system across organization and geographical location. These services can be accessed from internet like any other normal web service.

Some of you now might ask, what is the difference between BizTalk Services and any normal web service?The answer is “BizTalk Services” is not a web service but it is an Internet Service Bus (ISB) which combines a set of .net platform services including identity, message relay, and eventing, into a cohesive whole, to address these needs.  While an ISB has some of the characteristics of any traditional Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), the scope is different. Today’s ESB provides connectivity that is designed for use inside the corporate firewall. The next generation of applications must span networks, securely integrating services located inside the firewall, with services hosted at partner networks, or even on the public internet. Beyond connectivity, developers need integrated workflow, identity and access management and the ability to easily move data between these end points, regardless of the location of the firewall.  It is available as a CTP today, to capture and answer the needs of businesses around composite applications across organizations and geographical regions.

How are these services developed? 

“BizTalk Services” is entirely programmed through the familiar .NET Framework v3.0 and associated Visual Studio tools such as Visual Studio 2005, etc. making them accessible through standard Internet and WS-* protocols making them fully interoperable with existing IT investments, and easy to use from a wide range of platforms. When developers build new composite applications with “BizTalk Services”, it means they can build and deploy the applications they need, much more easily and cheaply than ever before.  Developers focus on their applications and the functionality and results, not on building, maintaining, and running plumbing.   Utilizing these plumbing services, developers realize the benefits of S+S (Software+Service).  The effect of combining existing in-house technologies with these new internet-based platform services from Microsoft is a restructuring of the economics of building and running connected, internet-scale, composite applications.  

What services are available today?

Today, you can access the following services provided in the April CTP:

·          Message Routing – similar to firewall friendly B2B messaging service

·          UserName/ Password based authentication

·          Access to application services through any web browser.

Check out Channel 9 video where James Conard talks with John Shewchuk and Dennis Pilarinos for more information about BizTalk Services.  You can download the BizTalk Services SDK from



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