Posted by: techsavygal | December 5, 2007

Latest news and Updates on BTS!

Hi All,

My apologies to all of you , who have been waiting to see something new here!Last month has been really fantastic with Tech-Ed 2007 in Barcelona, SOA BPM Conference in US and a smaller version of it in UK  and these events have attracted many announcements and releases of this technology.So, here is the list of whitepapers, activities and announcements that really interested me.

Interesting Whitepapers:

Blog Posts:

Latest Announcements:

  • ESB Guidance along with patterns and practices for BizTalk Server 2006 have been released and you can find more information on the same from Marty Wasznicky’s blog (Program Manager – BizTalk)
  • Visual Studio 2008 and .net 3.5 have been released and you can find more about this from Soma’s blog.
  • Check out the new blog on BizTalk Adapters from here (
  • Microsoft has announced their vision and mulitple products which will be available to build SOA & BPM Solutions (codenamed as OSLO) in SOA & BPM Conference held on 30 October 2007. For more information on this , read the related article on CNN Money. You can also visit their new SOA website for more information.

Latest Releases:

There are ofcourse, plenty more i can add into this list, but running out of space and time. Do watch this blog for more news, and perhaps i can add some more blog posts, whitepapers, etc in my next post.



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