Posted by: techsavygal | March 16, 2009

New Linq tools to ease writing Linq Queries…

Continous LINQ is a .NET Framework 3.5 extension that builds on the LINQ query syntax to create continuous, self-updating result sets. In traditional LINQ queries, you write your query and get stale results. With Continuous LINQ, you write a query and the results of that query are continuously updated as changes are made to the source collection or items within the source collection. CLINQ has tremendous value in GUI development and is especially useful in binding to filtered streams of data such as financial or other network message data.

Download the above extensions from here.

You can also combine the above tool with Visual Linq Query Builder which is an add-in to Visual Studio 2008 Designer that helps you visually build LINQ to SQL queries. Functionally it provides the same experience as, for instance the Microsoft Access Query Builder, but in the LINQ domain. The entire UI of this add-in uses Windows Presentation Foundation. The goal of this tool is to help users become more familiar with the LINQ syntax. The tool may also demonstrate to users how to create their own Visual Studio 2008 add-in using Windows Presentation Foundation. 

You can download VLINQ from here.

Both the above tools aim to make developer write linq queries easily and effectively. 

Check out the following link to view some Linq Query samples.



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