Posted by: techsavygal | April 8, 2009

BizMock for BizTalk Agile Testing…

BizMock is a new framework used for quick testing of BizTalk orchestrations, maps and more.Create unit tests with regular C# MS tests, enhanced with a fluent interface API and a TDD approach. Use its mocking capabilities, to avoid relying on dependent infraestructure like web services or DBs.

The following list shows all the standard artifact types that BizMock offers:

    • One way Receive location
    • One way send port
    • Request Response receive location
    • Solicit Response port
    • Message instance
    • Message verifier
    • Map
    • Database
    • Event log
    • Business rule
    • Pipeline

Main advantages of using Bizmock:

  • Rapid testing of Biztalk scenarios ( no more excuses to not test biztalk code)
  • No need to leave the Visual Studio IDE
  • We use regular Visual Studio C# Unit Tests code ( no puzzling xml) .
  • Type Safe API
  • Favors agile iterative development cycles with continous Integration.
  • No need to rely on real implementations of dependent infraestructure like web services, Databases, etc. ( isolated on the developer machine or build server )
  • Increasead level of abstraction thanks to its Domain Driven Design approach and fluent interface.
  • Rapid and guided development thanks to intelisense and its fluent interface API.
  • Reusability of domain artifacts across tests, like ports, messages, verifiers etc.
  • Extensibility model to allow the creation of new artifacts, actions, and expectations types over time and reused across solutions
  • Leverages DDT ( Data Driven Test)

Download this TDD framework from here.




  1. I’m definitely going to look at this one.

    Does this framework also support flatfiles? And external assemblies (functoids) in your mappings?

    Best regards,

  2. yes it does

  3. Moreover, you may find very interesting the Bizmonade ( project. Bizmonade requires no artifact deployment at all. Instead, unit tests load a generated mocked engine created from the odx file. A remarkable work that you should try!

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